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Align Your Lifestyle and Money With Your Values

If you have a vision for a thriving and equitable world, but are overwhelmed and burnt out working to make it a reality, you are not alone. You may want to donate to causes you care about or invest for your future, but instead feel guilty about purchases you've made or fear looking at your debt. 

I will support you to clarify what is most important to you and create goals worth playing for. Together, we will align your lifestyle and your finances with your values. You will experience increased joy and spaciousness as you live a more meaningful and fulfilling life that focuses on giving your unique skills, perspective, resources, or other gifts to the world. 

Be part of the thriving world you dream of by creating health in your own life and community.


Financial Clarity

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Look and see clearly what is most important to you.


Take actions and live in a way that reflects your values.


Have fun exploring what's next for you and make it happen.


Be grateful and reflect on your successes throughout the journey.

Meet Coach Emma

I am a money-and-life coach who supports young professionals who are changing systems to create healthy, equitable, and resilient communities. Given my decade-long career as a senior transportation planner, I specialize in serving people who work in transportation and mobility justice.

My vision for a healthier world inspires me to support people like you to align your time, money, and other life energies with your values so that you can be your best self and thrive as we collectively transform the world. 

When not coaching clients and geeking out about personal finance, you'll find me leading Oregon's Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, riding bikes, gardening, cooking, doing yoga, or hiking in the old growth forests of the Pacific Northwest.

Learn more about me here.

Emma Newman: Life and Money Coach

What Clients Say:

"Emma has changed our lives and made our marriage stronger!" 

Saundra and Dan Bouchante


"Emma was a tremendous help to me! This is embarrassing to say but, I had never made a budget before or ever really thought about where my money goes every month! I just lived by the rule of pay the bills and put things I want on credit. I had the mentality that I couldn’t save because I didn’t have the money to. I also thought I would probably have to work my entire life. I was SO wrong! 

Now, I do not just put things on credit! I save for the things I need, think about whether or not I actually need the item and then make the purchase when I have the money and it has been well thought out. I have already started paying off credit card debt and have been putting money away in savings every month! Emma saved me from possible financial ruin in my future. She helped me change into someone who may in fact be able to retire one day!"

Saundra Bouchante


"Emma has taught me so much about my finances.  She is patient, clear, and makes the process fun and enjoyable.  Who knew I would enjoy learning how to budget so much?  Learning that the most important step is to actually look at my finances and hold myself accountable for every dollar I spend, although it sounds simple, was transformative.  The path to budgeting and keeping my finances in order is laid out in front of me, it is time to do the work!"

Dan Bouchante

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