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Join me on July 30th, 2022 for my Life Blueprint Workshop.

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Want to make your dreams a reality?

One of my favorite ways to spend my time is supporting changemakers to make their dreams come true. Bit by bit and dream by dream, it makes the world a better, healthier, more thriving place for us all. Achieve your goals and dreams with my consistent support.

I offer individualized life coaching and money mentoring as well as group workshops, book studies, and more!

Life Coaching

I support changemakers to build equitable and thriving communities as they live a life they love. What would our world be like if changemakers loved their lives and thrived? I am training with the Academy for Coaching Excellence to become an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation.

Money Adventuring

Since 2020, I have supported clients on their money adventures. I primarily work with women who are young professionals or transitioning into their first career. If you money adventure with me, you will develop skills and gain knowledge to align your finances with your values to experience more clarity, ease, and joy.

Life Coaching

Money Adventuring

Workshops & Book Studies

I'm excited to partner with you to discover all the fun places our next adventure will take us!

California Bike Tour

"Emma has changed our lives and made our marriage stronger!"

- Saundra and Dan Bouchante


Emma was a tremendous help to me! This is embarrassing to say but, I had never made a budget before or ever really thought about where my money goes every month! I just lived by the rule of pay the bills and put things I want on credit. I had the mentality that I couldn’t save because I didn’t have the money to. I also thought I would probably have to work my entire life. I was SO wrong!

Now, I do not just put things on credit! I save for the things I need, think about whether or not I actually need the item and then make the purchase when I have the money and it has been well thought out. I have already started paying off credit card debt and have been putting money away in savings every month! Emma saved me from possible financial ruin in my future. She helped me change into someone who may in fact be able to retire one day!

Saundra Bouchante


Emma has taught me so much about my finances. She is patient, clear, and makes the process fun and enjoyable. Who knew I would enjoy learning how to budget so much? Learning that the most important step is to actually look at my finances and hold myself accountable for every dollar I spend, although it sounds simple, was transformative. The path to budgeting and keeping my finances in order is laid out in front of me, it is time to do the work!

Dan Bouchante

Emma’s style is compassionate, respectful, concrete, positive and always strengths-based. She has a near-supernatural ability to actively gauge the change process in her clients and customize sessions accordingly, which makes her highly effective. In four sessions, my relationship to money has improved drastically from tense and overwhelmed to more easeful, empowered and curious. I signed up for another series immediately because the Launch Package was incredibly valuable. I can’t wait to continue to build financial literacy with Emma. Life-changing stuff!

Dove Cassady