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I have been there, stressed about money and life.


I broke financial ties with my parents leading up to the end of college. I felt alone and was worried. I didn’t know how much money I needed or how far the money I had would get me.


Was I going to have enough? Would I be able to have a roof over my head and food on the table? I also really wanted to save for a touring bicycle. Would I have money to buy a bike, travel the world, and contribute to causes I cared about to improve the world that we all live in that I cherish so deeply?


I sought out support and resources, which led to me personally using You Need a Budget (YNAB) for well over a decade at this point. My friend recommended I work with my first life coach and go to a training that has forever changed my life for the better.

Emma Newman Money Life Coach

Life coaching tools helped me navigate a few dating relationships, my first profession as a senior transportation planner working in local government and doing state policy work, and personal health challenges. I found that when I engaged with life coaching, I could navigate life with more ease, show up as myself more consistently, and be authentic and true to myself in my relationships with coworkers, friends, and family. Coaching has supported me to develop and deepen my skills in tuning into my own wisdom and what I want in life.


I have used my money and life coaching tools, experiences, and support from others to live my life up until this point. When I was no longer as fulfilled with my transportation planning job, I felt called to share my personal finance and life coaching experiences with others so that they can also benefit in their lives, relationships, and careers.


I have a vision of a world in which all of us get to share our gifts with the world, to follow our passions, and to play to our strengths. I want us all to be who we are, because we each have something unique to contribute. In doing so, we’ll create such a beautiful symphonic world in which we each play our part and the overall orchestral symphony resonates at a higher energy. This is because each of us is showing up and playing for what matters in life in ways that really resonate at our core.


I got support from a life coach to navigate my career change when I was experiencing stress, misalignment, and burnout with my job. I used my financial knowledge and skills to save for and buy myself time and a career transition opportunity that has enabled me to follow what’s next for me in life. After my finances supported me in early adulthood to buy my first home, I knew I could partner with them to support the career transition and increased lifestyle flexibility I yearned for.


We all live through different seasons in life that are constantly evolving. It’s incredibly powerful to give ourselves the freedom and flexibility to change things when something that has served us so well, like a dream job, shifts and a new dream emerges.


I was fortunate to know that there are tools, resources, skills, and people out there to support me to go for my next dream job and lifestyle. It was scary to take the leap and yet I felt incredibly supported in doing so given the preparation I did ahead of time.


It is such a gift to be able to experience growth in my own life when I show up and grow in one realm. Then, see the ripple into other realms. Then, it ripples out into others’ lives through my profession into the community more broadly. I hope and imagine that someday it will have a global ripple effect and positive impact. I want to have a planet that we can continue to live on that is not only sustaining, but enlivening.


One thing I know for certain, none of us will get there alone. Let’s do this together.

Emma Newman Coach Podcast Episode


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