Energy of Money Book Study

Fall 2022 book study facilitated by Emma Newman

Are you interested in transforming your relationship with money?

This group book study will support you alongside other young professionals and visionary changemakers to learn principles and tools to transform your relationship with money.

When will we meet?

Book Study Live Group Sessions are Thursday evenings 5:30-7:30PM PST.

We will read chapters individually and come together in seven live, two-hour group sessions to do activities and learn in community.

Should I join the book study?

If you participate, you will:

  • Experience a more fulfilling relationship with money

  • See hidden beliefs and habits that impact how you use money

  • Reduce fears of deprivation and scarcity

  • Intentionally focus your money energy

  • Clearly see and stay on your personal path to abundance

About the Book

The Energy of Money by Dr. Maria Nemeth, Ph.D., will be the centerpiece of this book study. It is the compilation of Maria's teachings and wisdom about money, which permeates all aspects of our lives. Maria has supported people to live fulfilling and satisfying lives for more than five decades first as a clinical pyschologist and later as a the founder of the Academy for Coaching Excellence and a Master Certified Coach.

The Energy of Money includes simple yet powerful exercises, meditations, worksheets, and other interactive processes that Maria has developed and refined through working with thousands of people to produce the results they'd love to be experiencing in their lives. The book and the activities we will do in group sessions will take us on a journey to see how we have been relating to money and will guide us to financial success.

Each course participant is responsible for obtaining their own copy of the book.

Why I'm leading this group

I love feeling empowered in my relationship with money and want to support others to experience the same! Through working with money mentoring clients, I have seen that money mindset is one of the biggest factors in whether people experience fear or abundance in their relationship with money. There is extreme power in simply being willing to look at and talk openly about money. The Energy of Money deep dives into this topic and the group setting of a book study makes for a rich and supportive learning environment.

Gathering in community with others to learn and grow together is one of my greatest joys. I'm excited to be offering this experience centered on this clear, down-to-earth, and inspiring guide that synthesizes spiritual and practical techniques for achieving personal life goals and financial wealth.

I can hardly wait to support you, see what conversations we have, and what shifts participants and I experience throughout our time together. I always learn something new each time I revisit one of Dr. Maria Nemeth's books.

Is this for me?

  • You're a young professional or community change advocate who is seeking to channel your money more effectively to align with your values.

  • You're looking for an empowering and uplifting approach to relating to money so that you can deepen your investment in your local economy and community.

  • You have a growth mindset and are seeking to have a transformational experience alongside other people.

This is not for you right now if:

  • You're not in a place to read two chapters of the book between each group session.

  • Looking at your relationship with money is not important to you right now.

  • You don't value investing in your local economy and community.

  • You're not interested in having a transformational experience alongside other people.


"How much should I pay?"

Pay what you can, no more AND no less. For your sake, I don't want this to be a hardship for you - AND, I don't want you to "underpay" in any way that might leave the door open for you to disengage and give up on the book study.

For that reason, I suggest reading the sliding scale tiers below and asking:

"What would be a 'stretch' but not a hardship?"

"What price would rule out any thought in my mind of not engaging 100%?"

"What's it really worth?"

You'll get 14 hours of live, interactive book study sessions along with the personal reading and learning you will do between group sessions. One-on-one, this would cost $1,400.

With the group format, I can offer the course at a faction of that cost, while still earning a livelihood that supports my business. Plus, we get to learn in community, which is extra special!

Sliding Scale

  • $350 - Financially Flourishing

  • $240 - Financially Sustaining

  • $160 - Financially Stretching

Questions about cost or payment? Want to talk first to see if this book study is a good fit for you or ask any other questions? Contact me!