Life Blueprint Workshop

July 30th, 2022

Life Blueprint Workshop

Join me on July 30th, 2022 from 10:30AM - Noon PST to create your own, personalized Life Blueprint.

Your Life Blueprint is a simple way to see and live by your true priorities in your daily life. It can serve as your personal GPS - a way to live by intention, rather than by inertia. Come to this workshop to see your Life's Intentions and create a Life Blueprint to focus on what is important and filter out what is unimportant.

This workshop is for you if you want to love your life and you are ready to take action to make it a reality!

Clearing The Fog, Refocusing on My Path

In summer 2021, we were two years into the pandemic. I had brain fog and my health was declining, both physically and mentally. I had to leave my best friend’s birthday party early because I felt awful. By fall 2021, I was burnt out. I felt isolated and overwhelmed as an extrovert who had been working from home for almost two years. I was thinking “life is hard and I’m never going to feel well again. This sucks.” I wanted to find a doctor who could wave a magic wand to help me feel better.

Thankfully, I had some resources to shift my mindset so my physical and mental health would also shift. First was the power of support. I decided to invest in working with a personal life coach, deepening friendships, demonstrating my love for myself and my body, and seeking out practitioners with various forms of expertise to help me on my journey. One of my first “ah ha!” moments was seeing that I had a limiting belief that I had to find one doctor who had all my answers and would fix me. With support from my sister, I saw that I could use my own power to assemble a team of practitioners with different expertise.

Through working with my life coach, I re-focused my attention on what matters most to me: being physically fit and healthy, contributing to my community, and being an adventurer. Earlier in the year, my mind was focused on “there’s something wrong with me… look at all these things that are wrong with me.” With coaching, I shifted my attention from my doubts and worries about myself to focusing on my life’s intention to be physically fit and healthy, which in turn would support my other desires to contribute to my community and adventure. Even though it was scary to look at, I saw how I was contributing to my own exhaustion through mentally beating myself up. I would get down on myself for “half-assing it” with work, when my body was suffering from me not giving it the healing support it needed.

Second, I saw that my mind is powerful and collects evidence for what I focus on. Knowing and using this to my advantage is a superpower. My life started changing for the better as I shifted from negative, worrisome, and anxiety-inducing thoughts to focusing on my Life's Intention to be physically fit and healthy. I shifted my mind to focus on “what might I do to be physically fit and healthy?” When I focused my mind on being willing to be healthy, my creative ideas for action replaced my worries.

Taking action led to satisfaction and accomplishment. Over three months, I took a month’s leave from work to de-stress, did health testing and received a clear diagnosis about my condition, started strategic treatment, reduced my work schedule, and enrolled in a life coaching training program. As my Passion Planner says, “action cures fear.”

Through many small, sweet actions I transformed my life in less than six months. I feel better physically and mentally. I am now gardening, doing 20+ mile bike rides in preparation for outdoor bike adventures later this year, contributing more effectively and enjoying work more, and growing my impact in the world by supporting my coaching clients. I am experiencing much more joy and fulfillment!

As a life coach, I support people to live the life they love. When we take actions that are aligned with what matters most to us, life is fulfilling. I enjoy supporting changemakers who want to build equitable and thriving communities with ease and joy. If we nourish ourselves, we can contribute so much more to our communities and leave a legacy we are proud of.

I invite you to join me on this journey to identify your Life's Intentions and live by them by creating your own, personalized Life Blueprint. Join me to see your path more clearly by attending the workshop on July 30th. During the workshop, you will see what you value most and identify specific actions to take in your life to experience more joy. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to absolutely love your life?

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