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Life Coaching

I love supporting changemakers who are feeling isolated and overwhelmed in their work and really want to build equitable and thriving communities with clarity, ease, and joy. For example, I enjoy working with visionary government employees and people who are searching for a purposeful career that allows them to give their gifts to the world through the work they do.

My life coaching clients master their internal chatter so they can live the lives they would love to live. Through one-on-one coaching, I support people to create results in physical reality that are energizing and fulfilling. People I work with see what is most important to them and take authentic actions to produce tangible results and experience more clarity, focus, ease, and grace.

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What is Coaching?

Support to play your best game.

Coaching is "partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential." (International Coach Federation)

When you're doing something new or important, your brain is primed to find danger and seek safety. Buddhists call this "Monkey Mind," for that aspect of the mind that is always chattering at us as it swings between doubt and worry.

Coaching helps you learn, grow, and develop skills so you can consistently follow your voice of wisdom and act on what truly matters to you.

How is coaching different from other support?

A coach is someone who partners with you and supports you to:

  • See who you really are;

  • Discern what holds meaning and purpose for you;

  • Create goals that come alive with meaning and excitement; and

  • Reach your goals with focus and ease.

Therapy is healing for the past; coaching is for taking action in the present.

Consulting offers expert advice; coaching draws out your own expertise.

Mentoring offers the mentor's wisdom; coaching uncovers your wisdom.

Training fulfills set learning objectives; coaching clarifies your own objectives.

None are "better" than the other. They are simply tools for different purposes.

Getting Started

I offer people who are interested in working with me a free discovery session. If we see it is a fit to work together, we will discuss starting with a package of coaching sessions.

My starting package is 6 months, two 50-minute sessions per month.

I offer a sliding scale:

$300/month - financially flourishing

$200/month - financially sustaining

$150/month - financially stretching

I operate the way I'd want any coach to operate with me: simple, easy, and straight-forward each step of the way.

Free Discovery Call

We'll start by clarifying what you'd love to get out of working together as well as answering any questions.

Simple Contract

If we see we're a fit, we'll review and sign a digital contract and start as soon as you would like.

Coaching Sessions

In our sessions, you'll move past challenges, set goals, and make action plans and celebrate successes!


My approach is rooted in ontology, the study of being. We focus on the values we live by, the contribution we want to make to others, and ultimately the legacy we want to be known for. My viewing point as a coach stems from these premises:

  1. Each of us is a hero. We are here to embark on a "hero's journey" in which we fulfill a calling, triumph over obstacles, and contribute to our community. A coach's role is to bring this larger context to the forefront.

  2. Each of us is here to contribute. We all want to know our life matters - that the world is healthier, safer, and more thriving because we are here. A coach's role is to help others discover and give their unique gifts.

  3. Each of us has a voice of wisdom. We all have a wellspring of creativity and the ability to imagine new possibilities. A coach helps clear away the mental "fog" so people can hear their voice of wisdom and act from it.

  4. Each of us is here to be our best selves and live the lives we would love to live. We are here to discover and express our true values and intentions - to know the joy of leaving a legacy we are proud of. A coach's role is to help people live with this "long view" in mind.

My approach centers compassionate presence and reflective listening to help you:

  1. Acknowledge your strengths, values, intentions, goals, and good heart.

  2. Observe any ways of thinking or acting that might be getting in the way.

  3. Discern the truth vs. interpretation, and clarify your voice of wisdom.

  4. Take action that's simple, doable, and grounded in who you are.

What Clients Say:

"Emma was such a wonderfully gentle and present guide who helped uncover the courage and strengths I didn't realize I already had. She helped me hone in on what is most important to me and how I can get closer to the vision I had for my life. Would absolutely recommend her to anyone ready to make their visions a reality TODAY."


"I sought life coaching because I felt like it was time I had outside support in aligning my current actions with long-term goals. It is hard for me to link the many aspects of my life dreams together with my core values, beliefs, and current life responsibilities. I could better see the big picture and path to get to where I want to go when working with Emma because of her insight, curiosity, and partnership in my life ambitions."

Ashlee M.